Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not Yet Empty (final Episod)

Idin junior stir on my lap. He’s fast asleep now. The cartoon has change so many times but I didn’t realize it. My leg start to feel kind of numb when I heard the door bell. Again an unexpected company at the late hours. I move the child’s small round head and put a sofa pillow underneath it. He stirs a little bit more but still deep in his dream. Again the doorbell, twice this time, sounds so urgent, patience is golden my friend, a few seconds wouldn’t cost you much.
As the fourth bell rings, I swung open the door ready to tell the bargar to fuck himself but what I saw in front of me, left me speechless.
“I come to claim my belonging, can I come in?” I gave him no answer. Just a blank stare of shocked. This couldn’t be happening. This is a dream come true.
“I thought you have taken everything the other day. And the rest are…” I never quite finish the sentences when a soft lip touched mine, I hesitated at first but I can’t resist, I miss this kiss for a long time to say no to it right now.
After a few seconds we parted. He locks me in his eyes. The lights are no longer there. Last time the eyes use to be so lovely and full of energy, now it look like it has run out of battery. He looked away then, maybe sensing the analysis that I was making.
“You are the one that belongs to me. Can I come in?”
“Sure,” I move a bit to let him thru. Still shocked to see him. He walk inside with a smile, oh, that killing smile. He stopped a few steps from the door and with his eyes, examines the house. I close the door, softly, I don’t want anything to disturb the moment.
“I miss this place,” he said it as he turn back to face me.
“It miss you too, I miss you!”
“Still wonders why we departed?”
“Yeah, how about you? How’s life?”
“Not the same without you,” smile on the face.
“Listen, I’m sorry with what had happen between us, I really didn’t mean what I have said towards you. I hope you understands.”
“What you’ve said? I remember nothing. What I remember was the good time we spent together. That was what brought me back here today.”
“Are you telling me, I’m forgiven? Just like that?”
Idin nodded few times. I reached out for his hand, he reached out for mine. We hold each other.
“I love you, I promise you we will never be parted again, ever,” I said it out this time, never wanted to be to late to say the three words again.
“I love you too. I take your words and keep it in my heart. Let’s start over, shall we?”
“Mister? Is my mom back yet? I’m hungry,” the young Idin finally woke up from his sleep.
“Hi little one.” A pinch on the boy’s chubby cheek came along a warm greeting.
“Who are you?”
“My name’s Idin.”
“Kewl…I’m Idin too. Are you a friend of mister?”
“More than friend dear, more than friend.” Idin senior said it as he pose an admiring look towards me. He was smiling, happy again, so do I, happy again, this time it will be forever.
I remember a saying that says ‘if you love something badly enough you have to learn to let it go, if its come back to you, than it’s yours, if it doesn’t, than it was never meant to be’. This time around, he comes back to me, so I’d better keep him good, safe in my heart.

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