Thursday, July 06, 2006


I was filling up my practical trainee's report. His training ended last Friday, much to my disgust because I’m back alone in the office (though being a quiet person, having him in the office doesn’t much memeriahkan keadaan).

The report was more like a questionnaire. Tick here, circle there and few subjective questions (part ni yang tak suka sebab nak kena susun ayat – sangat terasa nak tulis, OK je, boleh!?) but thinking that it might affect the trainee’s marks, aku tulis yang baik-baik jelah, afterall this guy was a big helper to the office in the past two months (big helper to the office ke to me?)

So, answer…answer…answer…hmm..ponder kejap at some questions and I came to this question (being me, malas nak baca the English version, I read the Bahasa one) where I have to give answer in the range of 1 – 5:


Hoh! Apa ni? Dua tiga kali aku baca…dan aku confuse tiga empat kali. Ajal? Is somebody supposed to die during practical training? Well, if yes, they never mention anything about it when application arrived.

So I look for the English version:


Laaa….deadline tu jalan ajal ke dalam Bahasa Melayu but is it me or the questionnaire itself has a problem with vocabulary.

If it’s me, then, I would say:

“Patutlah semua orang takut dengan deadline”

If it’s the questionnaire, I would say:

“For a questionnaire prepared by those people in Menara Gading, hmmm…”

So, when is your next JALAN AJAL??? DRIVE SAFE OK!!!