Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Not Yet Empty 5 (cont)

“Nice work!”
“Ha, oh! I didn’t hear you come in. Hey, thank you. Back from work? You are kind of late eh?”
“Yah.” I looked into his room. It sure has this touch of an interior expert. He painted the room in orange, that light sunset orange. With a little mix of yellow in the bottom that make the room looks like something out of a deco magazine. Plus some more plants that he added here and there, I really felt like I was vacationing in a resort rather in my own place.
“Good taste,”
“Thank you again, enough with the complimentary I guess. I hope it’s ok with you, since you are the owner of the house.”
“No, it’s ok. Infact, why don’t you do my room, no do the whole house! Yes, do the whole house! It’s on me.”
“You are not kidding are you? You might not like it you know.”
“No, I’m serious. And I’ve seen this and I like it. This place has looked the same ever since I move in, it’s kind of boring. Will you please?”
“You got it!”
After a week or so, the place looks fantastic. Now my room looks better than a suite in Shangri-La and the rest of the place was superb. It has this air of relaxation in it. I was intrigued, I was thrilled, I was exhausted, and I was broke but happy. When I told Idin the cost of the renovation will kill me and I’m ready to declared bankruptcy, he laugh his lung out at me telling me not to declare bankrupt as yet. He then hug me, kiss my cheek and give a small squeeze on my hand and told me that everything is going to be find, just find, as he’ll help with the money too. This time I was touched. I wasn’t sure what got into me then but I was starting to feel this funny feeling in me.
I touch his face, looked him in the eyes and then we kiss, a passionate kiss, we were so deep in passion that we only stop an hour later, after we both lay naked on the navy blue Futon in the living room.
How it happen, neither both of us know what to say. We lay side by side quietly absorbing the moment. Each in our own thought. Then Idin broke the silences.
“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to drag it this way, sorry.” That’s what I heard from him. He does look sorry. I reached for his hand, and I cupped the fingers.
“It’s ok. I should be thankful to you, thank you.”
We lay there together, hand in hand, we lay so close that we could both felt our own heat going back and forth between our bodies and we miss dinner but we were not hungry.


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lotsachi said...

eh, it's as if i'm reading the book 'best gay love stories 2005'. aiyoo...

artisticklytouch said...

die la you.... me blushing... malu!!!!