Saturday, October 01, 2005

Not Yet Empty 3 (cont)

“Do you take Gays then?”
“Take what…?”
“Gays, Homosexuals, men fucking other men? Do you take them as your roommate? Or you consider them as social ills too,” he looks rather stress but he got me there.
“Why are you asking me this?” Such naiveté.
“Because I’m one of them. And it will be good if you can say your stand.”
I can hear my heart beat. I bet he can hear it too. My eyes still lock into his. My body tense, I’m starting to sweat, the air condition doesn’t seem to help much now. What should I tell him? All this time I have always been scared of letting out yet this guy in front of me blurted it out just like that, like spelling a simple word, he make it sound so simple and most importantly it sound so normal.
“You are not very happy with my sexual orientation, I figure. Anyway thanks for your time, sorry to disturb and shock you though. Good day,” he stands up, pick up his car key from the table with his left hand and extended his right hand to me, a sign for a handshake, a permanent good bye. I stand up, handed my hand too.
“Welcome aboard.”
“Pardon me?”
“Welcome aboard, housemate!”
That starts it all. A shake of hand. He was shock at first but in seconds he was beaming from ear to ear, jumping all over the place like some kid who finally got their most wanted Christmas present. We hugged, to me it was just a celebration of a new friendship, to him, I don’t know, after all he’s a gay, who knows what he was thinking then. He kissed my cheek and I gave him this alerting looks and he says sorry but later I said to myself, I kind of like it, and the thought kept me confuse through the night.

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lotsachi said...

u sure this is not fiction? coming out like is kinda ermmm...brusque. haha...