Thursday, September 08, 2005


I have been single for almost half a year now. It’s my decision and I believe it as my destiny as well. Single but not alone – hate the word, hate the consequences that are related to it. I am single and mingle – a continuous look for the special breed, that special breed of men.

I am not opposing the idea of a live long relationship attach with marriage or mutual love just that the idea of sharing your life with a stranger sounds rather absurdly awkward. Yes, of course you know your partner before you decide to spend your lifetime together, forever but haven’t you come across time when there seems to be not much space for you, even to breath let alone a privacy.

This is a question of commitment. Can you commit or can’t you? I have come across people that believe (read: really believe) that they can commit. Yet when the time came, the commitment goes nowhere to be found. What had happen? Were they chicken out or they misjudge their ability. So I say, I’m not a committed guy when one talk about relationship. I have bigger commitment to endure so I have to put relationship aside (for now).

Relationship demands extra care and that makes you need extra time and extra energy. If all this while the only thing you can think of is your stomach (this is an example), now there’s two and sooner or later it will be three, four, five, or may be even twelve or more (this goes to hetero relationship). Are you ready for that? Are you sure? We are not just talking about filling one’s stomach here, how about fillings one’s soul with love, care and tender? Can you? And if you could and you did, will you get back what you give? If yes, congratulation to you, if not, well, tough luck!

All in all, what one should do is to have in mind what do they want in life. How far you want to go in your present/future relationship. Don’t wait until when you have bring in someone into your life, then only you want to pause to ponder – is this a good decision or it is not? It’s never to late but why wait for so long and until other people has been involve then only you want to decide.

Better till, stay single but do mingle….

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Farel said...

this commitment thing wudn't be a problem if you could find someone who's just like you.. someone who doesnt do commitment as well~
just sharing soul and feelings~ nul commitment~