Thursday, September 01, 2005

First n foremost thank you to my friend Chi (all the way in Maryland, US) for the username. very ticklish... huh been trying all sort of username but all fail. Nevertheless this new artisticklytouchy is very awesome hehehe even I'm wondering what it means. People, give some thoughts la, what u think it means (no price 4 grab).
Welcome 2 my blog. The name Sentuhanseni is a direct translation from the english version that I have been using for years which is art_touch (which is also my email add). It is to imply that whatever I touch, I touch with appreciation, love and care. So it will return to me an admiration, thoughts and lots more like what a fine art piece did to you (any form of art). I enjoy Arts very much, make it dance, theater, fine arts or whatever forms it comes as long as it is call arts (even the wayy you pee is a form of arts - heheheh) but mostly I have made myself busy with appreciation towards theater. Even now I'm working with The Actors Studio @ Greenhall, Penang as a supervisor and on most of free time (beside cruising and flirting wif mens) I do theater. tengoklah apa yg ada, selalunya I'm the producer but sometimes I directed, sometimes acted, c which is bestlah.
I'm 26 yrs and 2 days old as today hehehehe yes I was born a day before merdeka and no, i got no ability to withold my appearance into the world - that is all Gods doing (tuhan punya kerja). So sad horr, if not the whole Malaysia will have a cuti for my birthday hehee nevermindlah.. still people remember merdeka, people remember me even though a day late (kalau tak, tak di inventlah perkataan belated birthdaykan)
Currently working and living in Penang. Last time, when I was very new to Penang I use to believe Penang nih mcm pulau buangan. Bosan giler, macam manalah mak n bapak aku bleh hidup n membesar di Penang nih - pada tahun2 50, 60 dan 70an plak tew. Even now pun tmpt nih boran (a mix of bosan + boring) giler. But that was then, now is now. Now I have learn to love this place and actually happenning gak (certain area la). Not so happenning mcm NYC ke or London ke or even way to far comparison dgn KL tapi kira oklah kalau nk dibandingkan dengan Pagoh, Tanjung Agas or Olak Lempit hehehehe (jgn sentap ha...).
All in all, I believe in carpe diem (seize the day) as you live the life to the fullest, enjoy ur every precious moment as you never know what will happen next.

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lotsachi said...

this is Chi posting in your comment, as the very first person! (jgn u delete i punyer komen, tau), aaaall the way from maryland where you can find lotsa crabs (the real one, nothing to do with STD :P).

thanks for the kudos, i'm so artisticklytouch-ed by you. hehe! ;P eh, gatal!