Saturday, September 03, 2005

God IT!!!
I always wonder, how can people have interest in IT and sort. This blog thing for instance is so sickening mcm menyusahkan aje. Why la I borther to have it in the first place. But the fun of it sangat menarik hingga aku tertarik untuk click anywhere that I thing will help solve my problem (the help section really not much of a help). this computer pulak lembab macam lahanat (can u swear in here?) but what to do, it's office computer so bersyukurlah.
Working here is like heaven tau. I got to do whatever I want as I'm the only staff here (jelous la tew). Of course when there's work, there's work. All you have to do on your own, sorang-sorang and single2. Nobody gossip, nobody say things bout you it just plainly you and you hehehehe.
So, who want to trade job? Sori ler... though the payment not much still I love the steady slow pace environment. Not that I'm a slow person, in fact I'm very much an extrovert and fast paced. It is just that here, I got to do my other job ... creating arts (read:theater) and flirt hahhaha
Here, I'll be busy as a performance is around the corner. There's posters and flyers to distribute, a press release to finish and than distribute to the press and later on set for an interview, follow up, follow up, appointments to make, follow up again hehehe ingat senang ker? and it got worse when there's back to back performance like one after another. Though it usually has a week gap but here a week is just like a day. luckily practitioners here were not born to be a stuck up one so most of the time the work is smooth sailinglah. Beranilah kekwat2 dgn kakak, nanti kakak sula vurets uols!!!
And I alwasys got to see the rehearsals. After sometimes bergelumang in the theater world, I find that watching a dress rehearsal or a pocket rehearsal is more entertaining as there's lot more happening. You got to see directors shouting at the top of their lung to the players, actresses and actors weeping and look lost like a baby in the middle of a mall, crews sweating like a pig and swearing to the directors for changing the settings in the very last minute hahahha there's more colour behind the scene rather than the one that you got to see on the performance day.


Farel said...

eh nice job lah.. but still.. no wonder how fun you think your job is, working in a social environment is very beneficial once you realize it~

so.. i tak jeles pun dgn job u itew~ you la jeles kat i~ ahak ahak =P

artisticklytouch said...

farel ... farel ... farel ... siapa ini yer? anyway thanks 4 dropping by. tak jeles ke dgn kerja aku uols? alamak kerja uols mesti lagi meletupszkanz

Farel said...

ala.. kita tau blog you pun dari blog afikblue.. kita selalu singgah blog afikblue.. pastu dah u promote link blog you situ.. kita klik aje lah~ hik ^_^

kerja i tader la meletops, sekadar ala ala bunga api memercik mercik gitu. ekceli jeles jugak la keja u sikit.. sikit aje. =P