Friday, September 30, 2005

NOt Yet Empty 2 (cont)

“Hi, I’m Eidin, the one who called about the room?”  He’s tall, medium build with a charming smile on a fair face.
“Yes, of course, come in!  I’m Fadly,” we shake hands, what a powerful handshake he has.  That smile, it never left the face.  A smile shows how friendly ones are, that what mom use to say.  His smile - this guy who is trying his luck to be my roommate - interest me.
He comes into the room, look briefly inside with still the smile on his face.  The smell of Armani for man fills the air.  Satisfaction looks smeared on his face as he look around the apartment and give few nods that says he has found what he was looking for.  
“Call me Idin.  I love this place, nice view of KL.  I love KL, do you love KL?”
“Well, I guess I do unless it’s morning time when everyone turn to be a killer driver as fast as making an instant coffee for breakfast.  Have a seat,” I showed him to the blue sofa that I bought from Fella design during their mid-year sale last year.
“Any drinks?”
“Cold one please, it’s bloody hot out there.” I move to the kitchen and open the refrigerator door.  My eyes scan for some cold drinks and decided on coke, after all that was the only drinks that I have.  I bend my body down and my hand picked up two cans of coke.  I did not sense any movement in the room so I was shocked when I turn away from the fridge, Idin was standing there, in the kitchen, smiling, then was when I realize how lovely he look.
“I thought I have a look at the kitchen.  I really like this place man, infact I love it.  When can I move in?”
“Whoa…hold on there, hold on right there, mate.  I don’t simply take a total stranger as my housemate you know.  I have few procedures that I need you to follow,” we were back in the living by now.  He gave me this blank look and god most gracious, this guy was sent to me from heaven.
“What procedures? You sound like some ISA personnel, hey, I’m clear man, no criminal records what so ever unless you regard fighting in school as one or not doing homework,” no more blank face but a smile and a laugh.  A sense of humor I reckon.
“Well I just don’t want to be in trouble in later days, that’s all.  In my place, no criminals, financially unstable, addicts, nor anything that is considered as social ills person.  So that was why the procedures exist.  If you can’t take it, then I’m afraid that you could not stand living with me as your housemate, can you?”
          He looks straight into my eyes.  Was I being to blunt? Or was I being too harsh on him?  He then seems to say something but hesitated a seconds later.  I can see that he was thinking, thinking hard, very hard.  His hands join together now making a big round double fist.  His eyes never left mine.  Out of nowhere my mind started telling me that he will get up and live the room, cursing me for not being open.  I was just playing safe.

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