Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Aku yang OKU

Biasanya perjalanan ke tempat kerja setiap pagi, takkan ada apa-apa yang menarik. Hanya sekali sekala akan ada drama, itupun kurang memberikan kesan. Pada kala aku turun dari LRT, aku dah lupa apa yang berlaku.

Hari ni lain....

Ada sorang budak OKU ni, naik kat Taman Melati. OKU yang mempunyai masalah terencat akal (I'm sorry if I offended anyone but I can't think of the right word - please correct me).

The moment dia naik, a guy gave him a seat. He sits, and said thank you to the guy then, he greeted selamat pagi to a three or four years old boy beside him. The boy was sitting on his mother's lap. The mother look away, as if she was menahan gelak. Me, once in a while I glanced to him in between chapters in the novel I'm reading.

The OKU kid (ok, this is sickening to be calling him such, aku tak tanya nama dia, so aku tak tau nama dia, thus, lets just call him JOE). So, Joe cuba untuk memulakan perbualan dengan budak 4 tahun tadi. But you knowlah, budak 4 tahun, bukan dia berminat sangat pun.

Let me give a clear picture sket. Pernah naik LRT Putra? There's 4 seats on each sides and I was seating at one end of the 4 and Joe was on the other end. Beside him was a mother with the 4 tahun kid and beside me, on my left was a lady, who after setiawangsa, stands-up and clear the seat.

That was when Joe saw me reading a book and move to fill the now empty seat beside me. He looked at me and tells me that I'm reading a book. I looked at him and smile the 'you are cute but don't disturb me' smile. Then, he start reading from my book and I start rasa tak best. I don't know why tapi aku rasa tak best. Maybe because I don't like people reading from what I'm reading...despite Joe is an OKU, I don't care, aku tetap rasa tak best. Now, I start rasa bersalah for berasa tak best.

So, I relented and asked him, can he read? Dia angguk and start reading, aloud!! Ok, I'm exagerating, not that loud but loud enough that people around can hear. Now, aku rasa menyesal pulak start the be nice thingy...urghhhh!!!!

The more he reads, the more he pulled the book towards him, the more his face got closer to the book, thus, I hardly can continue reading because my view was blocked by his balding head. Ini yang Kak Temah nak marah ni!!! Ini yang Chik Bedah buleh hilang sabar!! Tapi....

It's time to turn to the next page, Joe was still reading, aloud. His left hand is holding the other side of the book and pulling it even closer to him. I want to flip the page but can't find the polite way to do it. I mean, maybe dia tak kisah tapi orang keliling? Politely I told him, I'm done and want to flip the page. He keeps on reading, aloud.

So, aku tarik je buku tu, and flip the page.

Joe was stunned. I can see from the corner of my eyes. Memang dia terkejut, sebab tetiba dia diam and look at me. That look that says "what have I done wrong, please forgive me.." look. Uhuk, tak suka!! Dan rasa bersalah itu menyelinap kembali ke serata rongga tubuhku...darn!!!

I looked at him with a smile and offer him the book. He smile back. Relief that I'm not mad at him I guess. He started reading but not as aloud as before. Just lite-lite. I continue reading and tak pedulikan dia...kenapalah perjalanan pagi ni terasa panjang? I was distracted by that thought in my mind. How can I think that way?

Sensing my less interest towards him, Joe starts back the conversation with the 4 tahun boy. Now he even touches the hand and usap-usap rambut budak tuh. Mak budak tuh nampak sangat tak selesa, budak tu lagilah!! Then, sebelum drama meminggirkan OKU berlarutan, I ajak Joe sembang.

Apparently, he had an operation to take out ketumbuhan dalam otak. He showed me the scars on his head. His left leg is crippled (can someone betulkan perkataan inniew) and he walked macam kita main lompat teng-teng tuh but with a smaller jump. He's on the way to KLCC to jalan-jalan. Mom is at home and dad is a contractor. He told both of them that he is going out (not that I believe him, if he really did, the parents should have stopped him) and he got no slippers on.

He then asked me do I have RM5? Alamak, ni yang tak suka ni. I said I don't. Yes, aku sedikit bakhil memandangkan aku sangat kering sekarang ini. Then he go for RM2. Again I said no, I don't have....tipulahkan...dan natijahnya...aku rasa bersalah again!!

It's nearer to KLCC and I continue reading. By now, the lady with 4 tahun boy has gotten off. The seat beside Joe is now empty. He INVITE the lady standing in front of him to seats. Now, how often do we do that??? The lady at first decline but this Joe persist!!! Hamek kau!! Dipujuknya akak tuh suh duduk juga. Who would say no to a sweet invite like that? So the lady sits.

Joe looked back at me and again asked me for RM5. By now, I have decided to give it to him but not as yet. I played along, I asked what he wants to do with the money. He said, he wants to buy food and drinks. Dekat rumah tadi minum air je, that's what he said next. Ok, fair enough, I told him, he'll get the money once we stopped at KLCC.

To my astonishment, Joe then, asked RM5 from lady. Lady gave a crumple RM5 note, then take it back (rentap dari tangan Joe ok. Joe has that terkejut look again - like the time I rentap my book from him) but gave him a more fresh decent looking RM5 note. Now, aku start rasa bersalah again...am I a bad person???

Once the train stopped at KLCC, we embarked from the train. You can hear Joe's steps macam melompat and menyeret kakinya at the same time. I tried to locate him but kejap je dia dah hilang dalam orang ramai yang bersesak-sesak tuh. I found him later on, bila semua orang yang on morning rush dah clear. He was standing beside the escalator, putting the RM5 note into his thin brown wallet. I stand before him and hand him my note (I'm not telling the value - a hint, I could have gave more) and told him to use it wisely. Then, I walked off, back into the morning rush crowd.

Distracted with the mixed feeling that I have of the encounter, here comes this entry. Frankly, in short and simple points, this is the mixed feelings that I had from my journey with Joe; disturbed, nervous, scared, annoyed, caring, loving, pity, symphaty.

People, try to think, why was he on his own in the first place? and as you finish reading this entry, you can judge whoever you like involve in the story...but please don't tell me I have done a good thing because I don't feel good.

But then again, I'm glad that my path and Joe's crossed today. Now I see one side of me that I have to PERBETULKAN.


Jasmdea said...

I think what you should have done is to remain silent. Or pretend that nothing happen in the train. Senang kan? :P

Anggerik Hutan said...

hai abg at..:D
erm kalo jadi zai..lagi la buat tak peduli, bukan apa...kekdg rasa tkt ngan orang mcm ni..tau2 je la org zmn skunk ni mcm2 ada...
tapi bila fikir blk mcm tak perihatin plak...arghh mmg perasaan yang tak best bila disape org mcm ni...
hahaha adakah zai yang penakut sbnrnya??
by the way dah follow blog ni a few months ago..tapi baru hari ni terasa nak menyemak tinggalkan komen...hehehe

cass said...

from my view, i think u've done one great thing, that is to experience handling OKU first hand. bcoz u might not know what u could have learnt from him, kan?

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

guess what...
remember eiykal... the mute plu that i met and i befriended and pretty much later be my bff?
at first i do have a negative distraction towards him, how i once felt uncomfortable just because he is a mute and cannot communicate like normal peeps, the fact that people are looking at us like a bunch of weirdos and it made me doubly nervous... and a million other stuff that i dare not to share here in this tiny comment box...
one thing for sure i learn that despite the fact that you are nervous simply by being around these peeps, for a second, hold that thought and think what if you are in their position instead.
they have to go through life every single day in that condition... and how do you feel they manage to pull it through?
i myself felt an utterly sense of discomfort when people are looking at me with a sly and cynical remarks just because i am insanely skinny. so what? people come in different shapes, sizes and capabilities. that is what made human being human being.
ah... i am rambling again...

artisticklytouch said...

senang said then done...

ayyoooo kat korea katanya!!! watpe sana?

kan...couldn't agree more

eiykal who??? banyak sangatlah juols, dah tak ingat he he anyway, what you said is true...tetiba je nak nervous and the other party was only trying to make friends...

cuba kalau yang kendo letup sexual fantasy idaman hati yang datang tegur nak kawan....i'll be nervous still but of coz, pucuk dicita ulam mendatang kan juols kans

Anggerik Hutan said...

kawin ngan org sini..opsss...hahahaha
bukan2 gurauan terlampau kejap...
sambg blaja tapi dh nk blk dh insyaAllah bln 7 ni abis...:D

jerry maguire, jr. said...

remain silent and pretend as if theres nothg goin on - wrong or not - is so typical Malaysian. not dat u hav to 'kacau tepi kain org', but theres nothg wrong of being nice, a bit of concern, a bit of 'mesra alam'.

go live life out of ere - and u'll understand how arrogant we can be sometimes.

btw Art - way to go, matey! learn somethg new, every single day!

*gtew! heh, aku dah baca entry ko, ok! haha*

fealize_eleanoer said...

hi...my 1st time droppin' here!

reading ur post...it was like a wonderful story-telling yet so meaningful...

let us put ourselves in joe's shoe,what will we feel when people felt distracted by you?of coz kite akan rasa totally miserable kan...sgt sedih...

hhmmm...but yet my fren,i give u credit for not shouting at him n being so kind to him...u have a wonderful heart my fren.god bless! ;)

Pegawai Khalwat said...

Selalunya hang kalau cakap bahasa penjajah ni maknanya hang maki orang. Tapi ni lah aku nampak hang ada perikemanusiaan.

Apa yang hang buat tu betoi Art. Pasaipa nak perlu rasa bersalah? Rasa tu dari dalam diri atau dari ketakutan pandangan orang pada hang?

Ingat, bukan senang nak deal dengan insan terpilih macam ni. So bersyukurlah.RM5 yang hang bagi, hang tak tau berkatnya nanti mungkin ada. Sebab kita dah tau dia memang susah, bukannya buat-buat susah.

★☆inchek [s.h.a.n.d.y.e] ★☆ said...

eiyal... alah... i ada mentioned about him a few times in my blog. he is no longer around kl fyi... dh pindah kerja kat some hospital kat pahang. i kinda missed him tho.
dia adalah one of the few peeps yg accept me for who and what i am without being judgmental and prejudice.
ntahlah. susah betul nk carik peeps yg takde a slight hypocrite bone in his body... kan?
uwaaa... why am i rambling yet again?

(meroyan mode dekat2 nk final exam)

zul rahman said...


'worth read' story,
yet to catch up with a 'must read story'

good point!

apa yang good? :(tanya pembaca)
kena baca la.. :(jawapan dia)

artisticklytouch said...

alah...tak sempat pergi

thank you for dropping by....wahhhh!! macam kad ucapan plaks

my post, a wonderful story telling?? i'm honored....

rasa bersalah pasai masa mula2 aku nampak dia aku dah terdetik dalam hati...."janganlah dia mai kat aku"..

eh, bila aku kata aku bagi RM5...orang lainlah yang bagi

tak ingatlah dear but kehadiran mereka ni membuatkan kita bersyukur.

gd luck 4 ur exam. lepas exam balik penang ka?

thanks zul

jerry maguire, jr. said...

fealize_eleanoer -

"hi...my 1st time droppin' here!.." - naper u berak merata2 neh? Art - dia berak kat kwsana jajahan ko neh.

Anonymous said...

You re a great storyteller..Ever words make pictures as I went along reading ! Superb

kodok jambul said...

you my man, is a bad man.... but you dont have to feel bad coz half the world would act and feel as you did in that situation and be happy to know that the other half just don't f#@*!&g cares!!

my salutes to you for being brave enough to leave your footsteps in that boy's life. many among us would just hesitate and "look" away as what the facts always states "mankind fears the things we don't understand, the unpredictable, the things that's out of the norms, an anomaly" and choose to take the easy way out!

cant tell whether i'm brave enough if i were in your situation mate! huh! i may have not cared, demmit!! f#@*!&g sissies!

p/s- is Joe are in anyway related to Maulan? if yes, i could've picture the whole situation much, much clearer.

artisticklytouch said...

wakakakkakaa siot je!! tetapkan nak highlight grammar mistake orang lain...but I know, no pun intended

thank you...tp itu semua pinjaman

kodok jambu:
agree agree agree...with you sissies!!!

but joe is not joe maulan...awat, rindu ka? wakakkakaa at least he never missed soru unlike us who has to share nasi lemak telur 4 orang.....oh, well...

Mak Su said...

waduh, peliknyer

artisticklytouch said...

apa yang peliknya?