Saturday, March 04, 2006

From My Bed Monologues- An adaptation from Clit Notes by Holly Hughes and performed by Jonathan Case

Clit Notes is one of four stories that will be featured in The Actors Studio Greenhall latest theater production - From My Bed. Written by Holly Hughes and will be performed by Jonathan Case. It is a story of a beautiful relationship between a man and his girlfriend – only which, in physic, his girlfriend looks more like a man than a woman. Thus the story embarks into questions and debate of self discovery.

Jonathan Case is currently reading his year 12 at the Uplands International School. Being an enthusiast in drama and arts, he now tries his luck to go public after some years performing to his schoolmates. A brilliant actor with lot of talent to be discovered and he probably is the next icon for Penang theater scene.

Past performance include Lady Precious Dream (2000), West Side Story (2001), Ramayana (2002), Annie (2003), Gumshoe (2004), Little Shop of Horror, Death of a Salesman, Rozencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (2005). Jonathan is also the recipient of his school Drama Awards in 2004.

Clit Notes is directed by At Ziafrizani (12am)

10th, 11th and 12th March 2006 @ 8.30 pm
Admissions by donations
RM15 (Adult), RM 10 (Student)
The Actors Studio Greenhall Penang

For bookings, call 04 263 5400 or email to

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carinasuyin said...

Art, you're giving Clit Notes a twist? Interesting... If memory serves me right, the story is about the relationship between two women... Holly Hughes won an Obie for it :)

artisticklytouch said...

yup, thats rite! actually the whole clit notes is stories on lesbianisme only this particular story interest me most. i have done a lesbo piece in January so i figured out another taboo subject will be good but not another lesbian thingy... nanti audience ingat aku nih gila lesbian plak... i am a very straight gay!

Coming for the show?

lotsachi said...

hahahaha...phew! thanks for straightening that out, art :P

like i told u, i'm anxious to see/read the audience's response and review!

Confessions Of A Female Cryptic Mind said...


woah... lesbianism. Interesting. How come such a VERY straight guy is so interested in such case? *uwek* heheheehe.

artisticklytouch said...

correction my dear, it's VERY straight GAY guy ahaks.. there's a big different between the two..

anyway, as 4 ur question, i'm always fascinated about people and their being...

lain padang, lain belalang,
lain orang lain ragam..

any interesting stories from you i can put on stage?

Confessions Of A Female Cryptic Mind said...


I can see the difference now... woah... hahahaha...

Interesting stories? That depends, to reiterate, people are different, according to their ragams and stuff. So what may sound interesting to me might be amazingly dull to you.

I like drama. hehehehe... Something that can reach deep into people's heart and stun them. What is it that can do just that? Not sure, its pretty freezing here, and so is my brain.

Catch ye later then and Good Luck!

Pegawai Khalwat said...

Did I miss anything?