Sunday, March 12, 2006

From My Bed - White Sari with April Spring

White Sari by At Ziafrizani Chek Pa will be performed by April Spring. A foreign woman, widowed to a local Indian guy, ostracized by her in-laws, all alone in a foreign country was sitting beside her daughter who is in a coma. Its 30 minutes before they pull the plug. The daughter is the only family she has and she doesn’t know how to say farewell to a lifeless soul beside her.

This is April first ever stage appearance on stage in Malaysia. She has been very for two years now with her husband and is counting days to go back home to Virginia mid this year. With lots of passion towards fashion design, she walked into TASGreenhall during the audition and land herself part in From My Bed.

It wasn’t that hard to get a character for her, White Sari seems the most appropriate thus challenging. For a very lively, happy go lucky lady in real life, April is going to do some alter-ego on stage. Something that is very not herself.

Oh, by the way, this lady is former Miss Florida and the 2nd runner-up of Miss U.S Globe Pageant!

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