Saturday, February 18, 2006

From My Bed - another artwork on stage

Theater : From My Bed
Presented by The Actors Studio Greenhall

10th, 11th and 12th March 2006 @ 8.30 pm
Admissions by donations
RM15 (Adult), RM 10 (Student)
The Actors Studio Greenhall Penang
04 263 5400 /

From My Be
d is a collection of four monologues. Four different stories from four different characters that has nothing to do with each other but they share the same place to let it out – the bed. Their bed is where they are going to share their stories with you. There’s emotion, horror, lust and comedic element involve. Among the stories are Clit Notes by Holly Hughes, Oranges and Lemons by Mark Beau de Silva, White Sari and Years Pass by At Ziafrizani Chek Pa. The casts are Saiful Redzuan, April Spring, Jonathan Case and Shalini Sree. From the director of 12 am – At Ziafrizani Chek Pa

Clit Notes
by Holly Hughes will be performed by Jonathan Case. It is a story of a beautiful relationship between a man and his girlfriend – only that, in physic, his girlfriend looks more like a man than a woman. Thus the story embarks into questions and debate of self discovery.

Oranges and Lemons by Mark Beau de Silva will be performed by Saiful Redzuan. Whilst fighting with the cockroaches under his bed and listening to ABBA songs before he sleeps, Eugene remembers his childhood days with his mother and those uncles who come and go every night. But there was this strange uncle who came every night, even though there’s another uncle on her mother’s bed.

White Sari by At Ziafrizani Chek Pa will be performed by April Spring. A foreign woman, widowed to a local Indian guy, ostracized by her in-laws, all alone in a foreign country was sitting beside her daughter who is in a coma. Its 30 minutes before they pull the plug. The daughter is the only family she has and she doesn’t know how to say farewell to a lifeless soul beside her.

Asthmatic Years by At Ziafrizani Chek Pa will be performed by Shalini Sree. This is a story of a girl’s adventure with asthma. Listen to her moan about her miserable life as a child. A life of ‘sireh’ juice and fried river snail and of enjoying every playtime inside the house and being the burden to the family of a small income. Thus, she decided to commit suicide.


lotsachi said...

looking forward to hear/read the reviews :)

artisticklytouch said...

did you read the 12am review in kakiseni?

Jiwa Rasa said...


Sorry for being ignorant. Whereabout is the venue?
Location map, if you don't mind?

Pegawai Khalwat said...

it is at lebuh light penang. Near dewan sri pinang at padang kota.

To be exact, in front of refurnished mahkamah and just beside Royal Selangor.

Jiwa Rasa said...

I'll try to make it, maybe on the 10th...

artisticklytouch said...


better u booked tau...seats on the 10th tinggal lima puloh sahaja lagik....