Monday, April 26, 2010

Mak Yong Sindo

It was a production by second year students. It was an adaptation of our all time favourite fairy tale – Cinderella (who was convert to Malay and be known as Sindo). This part, I figure it out myself, correct me if I am wrong but Sindo and Cinderella does has it similarities.

I’ve decided to try this Mak Yong performance once I heard the title. I tried to recall some Mak Yong pieces that I have come across but Sindo seems rather not familiar. It must be some story that I never heard of because of my ignorance, or so I figured.

My friend read the brochure, and she goes;

“Macam cerita Cinderella”

What the heck, it does not bother me, it would be interesting I said.

Interesting indeed.

They start just slightly off 8.30 pm as expected – bagus sikitlah dari IB – but since I entered early, it was rather a boring wait.

The stage was divided into three section. Two sections on a platform, one occupied by the musician and another, were for the chorus – tak pernah tengok konsep ada korus neh – and then, there is the main arena.

Show start. Mengadap rebab was lovely. I had goose bumps. Pok Yong was excellent. I love her voice though I don’t really quite understand the language but it was clear. The dance was excuisite. Lembut, sharp not perfect but getting there. Then I saw this one dancer who was very much on her on world. Pemalasnya!!! Tangan orang lain dah turun, tangan dia baru nak turun. Orang lain dah berkalih duduk, dia baru nak angkat punggung. Kaki tak bend langsung OK!!! How can you dance Mak Yong and not bending your knees? The worse, muka dia takde perasaan dari awal sampai ke sudah. Macam model wannabe dalam ANTM je expression dia. This is what we call, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.

The show moves on. Comes in Peran. I love Peran’s scene. Funny, witty and some players can be very creative and cynical in their jokes. This two Peran, there was nothing special, there were just funny. At times, Peran Tua forget his dialog and the fact that he is supposed to ‘kecek kelate’. It was funny but I rather laughed at a good well plan joke than a coincidently happen and embarrassing one. Forgivenlah this kind of thing, pelakon mana yang perfect tiap kali show kan. Kudos to Peran Muda who control the game very well from start till end. That love bite idea, was childish but fresh and a good one.

I don’t understand Mak Tiri Sindo and Sindo herself. Mak Tiri Sindo was shouting at the top of her lung from start till end. Even when she was already meroyan in the final scene, she still shouts. Susahnya nak faham apa dia cakap. Does being mean means you have to jerit sekuat hati kau? Sindo, we know dia bernasib malang but menangis je dari awal sampai ke sudah. Aku dari kesian jadi meluat. Can some colours be added to the character? Of course one could do so right.

The scene with orang kampong, I said it’s either was not rehearsed or just plainly a bad direction and choreography. Merata-rata, disorganized, serabut, pening kepala tengok. Especially the dancing class scene. Dah la semua orang berebut nak buat lawak, it seems like everybody tried to catch their 5 minutes fame. Yes, komedi akan tarik minat penonton and yes it works but when it’s too much, it’s just too much.

As I mention earlier, there was this platform for the chorus. At first I thought it was a great idea to have the platform and the chorus but then the chorus and some of them in jeans and t-shirt keep coming in and out, in and out throughout the performance, I started to find this part of the play such nuisance. Aduyai, ada yang bersembang-sembang lagi. Now, I can understand if they sit there as a chorus and when their scene came, they get up and stand-by backstage tapi ini ada jugak yang masuk sembang-sembang, keluar. Selang seminit masuk balik, nyanyi selagu, keluar, kejap lagi masuk balik. What a distraction.

And talking about distraction, aduyai, I got the C block seat, very the depan arena. Mula-mula seronok sebab boleh nampak muka and gesture pelakon sebijik-sebijik tapi semua itu berakhir sebaik persembahan bermula. People just masuk, keluar, masuk, keluar. I am not sure this people are audience or part of the production team but they surely cannot seat tight. To make matter worse, everytime someone moves, the seats bergegar – irritating and disturbing sangat. When you study performing arts, don’t you also learn the hall etiquette?

Then it comes to my mind, they are second year students, this is a Mak Yong piece dengan suntikan cerita moden, why be hard on them. It was a good effort to perform this to the public. At least they will become better in the future. Some even have shown good acting skills if not excellent. I personally kagum dengan Peran Muda, Raja cum Pok Yong, the musicians and Raja Muda (except the part dia marah Mak Tiri Sindo) the rest, no they did not failed, they are just on the right track of learning.


*I saw the show on the second night.


Pegawai Khalwat said...

hang marah ka? Pasai hang speaking orang puteh!

2nd nite is better than 1st nite. But Pak Yong for 1st nite is a lot-lot better than 2nd nite.

She's the one playing rebab on the 2nd nite.

Kang aku rebiu.

By the way, 2nd nite yang hang tengok tu geng budak-budak tarian dengan filem katanya. So what do u expect?

1st nite, budak muzik dan penulisan.

3rd nite barulah budak teater.

artisticklytouch said...

ha ha ada campoq2 maa..tak marahlah tu tapi part yang audience keluaq masuk tuh, memang aku marah.

boleh pulak pecah2 macam tu? tapi kalau diberitahu susunan macam tu, aku rasa audience akan buat pilihan. of coz aku akan datang tengok budak teater punya show.


awat hang tak amik alih ja penari pemalas tu? ;p

artisticklytouch said...

adik2...kang emo plak.


kiranya ko ni pembela adik-adik la ni wakakakaka

artisticklytouch said...

eh, koser aku nak bela.

aloy_paradoks said...

budak teater lazim akan wat show malam akhir.... trening semiggu sekali... lepas ni bangsawan,,

dan minggu depan mek mulong,,, tapi utk mek mulong budak teater just 6 orang je dan selebihnya budak muzik, film, tarian juga penulisan.. juga terbahagi kpd dua group untuk dua malam.

Pegawai Khalwat said...

Mek mulong kita kena p tengok Art. Teringat time hang jadi Awang Pengasuh tak nampak Wak Raja.

artisticklytouch said...

aku nak pergi tengok 9 haribulan punya show, kau berlakon tak?

cak semulot!!! jomlah, aku p tengok 9 May. nanti bulan julai pun ada mek mulong kat filharmonik, PPAG buat..Roslee Mansor punya kerja

niQue_naQ said...

interesting review :) to be honest ive never seen students' teater performance...kalau yang kat IB tu, ive only seen two, one was lantai t pinkie and the other was mahsuri, both was a dissapointment :(

i shud try it kan :p but then i always say i shud, tapi bila u send invite, i could never make it :( huhu my bad :(

ok2, will TRY to make it next time, i promise :p

Bunga Rampai said...

Dari ulasan ini, rasanya ok juga Mak Yong ni tapi aah, dah miss laa.

Tolong war-warkan kalau ada lagi persembahan Mak Yong ... dah lama tak 'nonton Mak Yong.

Salam Art :)

artisticklytouch said...

u should should go culture a bit haha

bunga rampai:
this weekend ada Mek Mulong pula...jum!!

Mak Su said...

eh, art tukar layout yang simple, apakah ini terjadi selepas menonton mak yong?

日月神教-任我行 said...


m i n e r a l . . . said...

tertunggu2 merongmahawangsa....
apalah hasil agaknyer.

紅燒魚takesi said...


bias® said...

ek? tak nampak pun?

Afie Zenal said...
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