Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At First Sight : Love or Lust

Have you ever come across a total stranger and realise there's an affection built in yourself. People says it is Love at first sight or was it actually Lust at first sight?

Been wanting to post this entry for so long but hesitated as even I myself am not sure which feelings is which that I felt at that precise time.

So I'm leaving this to you readers to help me out, speak out your thoughts k. I speak mine up after reading yours.

Ta ta


Confessions Of A Female Cryptic Mind said...


Haku rasa la kan, its probably LUST at first sight.

Lust doesnt always bermaksod sexual needs, our emotions kira sama gak. Another word to call it is "attraction"

Our hearts always feel things. That wanting/needy thingie, whatchamacallit?

Mcm the first taim haku tgk Beckham. Im like "I want that guy"


Pegawai Khalwat said...

Aku tak mo komen.

artisticklytouch said...

Beckham? Tak bleh sebab aku dah tengok dulu! ha ha

Weh.. komen la

lotsachi said... happens. but then have to be careful.

ever heard the malay idiom saying 'clapping with one hand doesn't produce a sound'? ;)

how does it sound in malay again? haha

artisticklytouch said...

Bertepuk sebelah tangan tidak berbunyi la amoi!