Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iye...awak gemmmoooccckksss...

Lama tak wat entry Bahasa penjajah...sorry, bekas penjajah!

I got this theory a month ago when I was back in KL for a 10 days holiday. In that 10 days I managed to escape to Penang for 3 days and Ipoh for 1 night stay (read: One Night Stand ha ha). To get out from this island is a blessing for me. Yes, I agree that Redang is a heaven made on earth but remember, I'm here to work, not holiday. So the pressure is there...ouch!!

When you are out of some place that you have been too accustomed to, it's like your mind and view of things are broaden and brought to another level (or perhaps remain the same as you don't remember where the level was the last time) and you can see the world in a different ways.

So that's how I come up with this theory:

Oversized ladies (read:as long as you believe you have excess baggage to carry everyday on your body and you believe people don't like to look at it, yes, I'm talking about you) chances of having a lifetime partner is higher than their skinny, modelly, nicely figured counterpart ladies.

This is based on my observation during this 10 days (and during the time my friend dating with his girlfriend and I'm the chauffeur) around KL and Penang (Ipoh was a to short a period and I was busy observing something else ha ha).

When I look around, in mamak, cafe, bus stands, malls, etc, I see couples (straight couples!) holding hands, having a good time, romantically loving each other. What attract me the most is that, almost all ladies of my subject are oversized. Maybe one or two who you will put under slim or nicely build category. Well they're not entirely oversized but still you can see the extra baggage from a kilometer away.

You look another way, you find this slim, modelly, nicely build ladies are walking, eating, go to the movies on their own or among them but not with a male partner. How is that?

So I remembered the series Sex and the City where all four main characters have difficulties of finding a man and all four of them don't hace extra baggage to carry.

And I remembered all my lady friends who has extra baggage, they are all happy with partner and those slimmy, modelly and nicely look lady friends are still out there on the look.

Also I remember some male friends talking about prefered kind of girls/ladies. Off course they say they want a slim, modelly and nicely look counterpart but in the end, they end up with the extra baggage. Then only they claim, it's more of their choice actually. Only one friend (blogger) who stick to his slimmy, modelly, nicely look taste.

Thus, that's how I managed to come up with this theory. So girls, don't worry to grow an extra baggage now and then because, actually that's what guys are looking for (my subject is guys in Malaysia) and stop whinning about it.

Don't get to serious. This is just my observation. Feel free to make your own.


Pegawai Khalwat said...

Hahaha.... a hipotesis eh?

Psss... That blogger friend, I think you know who are you taling about.

ha ha.... he never give up till now.

Mak Su said...

arramak.. terasa ler plaks. kiter dulu lahir-lahir ada ler berat 8 paun kot, sekarang... ha!!! ko!! ada dekat2 68kg agaksnyer... and this november wealls nak celebrate wedding anniversary ke 5 uols...

umi ameer said...

saya pun terasa nih...
tapi saya dulu-dulu, almost 20years back, puas gak mengkurus melengkung..
fenat dah nak fikir, memang nak kurus/slim balik, but bofren kitapun semakin membesar gak... maleh nak layan, janji sihat dan bertenaga... ahaks

artisticklytouch said...

all th ebest for him kans ha ha

C!!!! my thesis is proven!!

yezza...thats the spirit!!!

~wan hidayat~ said...

teringin nak jadi gemmokkksss...mungkin sy akan bertambah chomey kan....sape2 tahu kaedah menggemukkan badan paling mudah...don't suggest sleep, eat..keep repeating ok!!!

artisticklytouch said...

i think u dah chomey enough and you don't look that kurus pun..

eh, my subject are ladieslah..motif terasa? ha ha

Nezjoe said...

because most of the "slim" ladies are looking for their Mr Right/ Perfect which is not EXIST!

artisticklytouch said...

u got a point there!

miss_tree said...

Salam Eid Mubarak..Ampun+maaf andai ada salah&silap atau terkasar bahasa..Semoga Eid ini dipenuhi kegembiraan & penuh berkat. Amin.

nway,i beg to differ..
saya gemokkkkkkkkssss tp bf tarak..
so how??? huhuuuhu..

artisticklytouch said...

cik misteri:
jangan risau, ada yang taste tuh!

akirasuri said...

saya gemok jugak!!
tak ada bf jugak..

Selamat hari raya..
maaf zahir dan batin..

jaga diri baek-baek!

artisticklytouch said...

ada yang nak tu..

percayalah pada diri
dengan harapan dan keyakinan...

Selamat Hari Raya

Rush Murad said...

aku ni memang dalam dilemma, almost all (90%) awek yg suka kat aku, gemuks-gemuks belaka.... rasa macam nak lari jek dari realiti ni. bila masa raya hari tu, ramai nyer aweks gemuk kat Mall etc... depa tak perasan ker yg depa over-weight? mungkin lelaki straight Malaysia suka wanita yg ada isi/berisi.... coz aku pernah dengar depa kata wanita yang berisi ni 'banyak air'.... i really dont know what thats mean...

butaseni said...

maap zahir batin nyah sebab mak selalu maki hang hahahaha

soleilina said...

u go, man!! love this entry la wei!!! muaks

artisticklytouch said...

sure meh you donno what it means? awat, tak taste ka?

hang memang banyak dosa dengan aku. Aku pun banyak dosa dengan hang tapi perlu ka minta maaf dengan ahli neraka???


welcome gurl!!! suka pic ittew, kemboja kuning katanya..

kamaruladli said...

hmmmm... teori menarik. aku pon ade teori aku sendiri. nnt aku tulis kt blog. woha!

Anul said...

hmmm..usually those slim girls have their own freedom. Not all the time spending time with their boyfriends

-or maybe, slim girls are all over the place now, and the fact that the world is short of guys..ended up too many slim girls w.out a guy..haha

-and maybe the slim mostly need to find carefully someone who love her, not her body la kot...no offend, but usually oversized one, being loved is wonderful enuff, dont have to think too much. lgpun guy yg suka oversized ni jujur2 orgnya..sllnya..tak sll tak tau la

~wan hidayat~ said...

salam...ni masih berhari raua ke???. @ dah start kerja @ ombak besar sehingga tak sampai ke pulau..(monsoon lah katakan)....heheheh...salam syawal!!!

sinaganaga said...

sibuk. tak sempat nak bersenam; membina otot2 pejal.

miss_tree said...

Pulau akan ditutup kan.. so, kerja di mana nanti sampai feb?

artisticklytouch said...

nanti aku ke blog kamu

hmmm...you got a point there!! so has any of them approach you?

sampai dalam keadaan terhoyong-hayang..apa sangatlah roller-coaster kat times square tuh!

uuuuu....me like otot2 pejal!

cik misteri:
saya akan ke Ampang...marilah singgah