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The recent recognition of homegrown singer-songwriters has fueled the need for an “avenue for appreciation” to bring budding, yet-to-be discovered talents to local audiences.

“This Is Acoustic” or TIA, an acoustic gig supported by The Actors Studio, plans to do just that. TIA may be a fairly new gig in town (being formed in May 2005), but the concept is appealing: featuring all original compositions, new singer-songwriters get the opportunity to perform their stuff in a comfortable, acoustic setting. No need for qualms nor butterflies; in TIA, every performer is equal.

Despite that, TIA acknowledges that every performer is also unique, with something to share and something to learn from. Through its gigs, audience and performers alike will be able to appreciate the uniqueness in the various compositions and performing styles.

TIA wants the audience too, to take home the TIA experience by encouraging performers to interact and involve their audience in the gigs. The lines between “audience” and “performers” are blurred so that essentially, what remains are music lovers who respect the talent for songwriting and original music.

Date: 26th & 27th May 2006 (Friday – Saturday)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: The Actors Studio Greenhall
Admission by donation of RM20

Featuring: Ian Chow, Tony Leo, Daniel Chan and Moe with guest appearance by Tan Sei Hon

Performers’ Biodata:

Ian Chow
Ian's interest in music started way back in primary school when he played the soprano recorder in his school band. While in secondary school, he formed an alternative rock band, Caveat Emptor, where he was the vocalist / lyricist, with whom he recorded two demos.

With his growing interest in music, he later learnt to play the guitar / harmonica and started to venture into composing. When Caveat Emptor came to an end in 2001, he formed One Half Cup together with together with his schoolmate, which was based on a clique concept. In 2004, they recorded and released their first EP.

Along the way, Ian joined The Young KL Singers (YKLS) in which he sings Tenor. There, he also experienced another angle in performing by immersing himself in various aspects of the choir from producing two full length concerts to stage management and marketing of the productions. In the later part of 2004, Ian co-founded the charity arm of YKLS, "Voices of Hope", a community outreach programme (in giving basic vocal and guitar lesson) for the under privileged children.

Most recently, Ian founded and produced a new series of acoustic gigs entitled, "This Is Acoustic!" supported by The Actors Studio.

Wanting to get a new exposure, Ian goes solo and released his debut solo EP, "Reflections" in May 2005. "Reflections" is in the alternative pop/rock genre where his experiences brought to life through his songs. His songs can be downloaded in as well as

Ian is currently attached with The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre as the Theatre Supervisor.

Tony Leo Selvaraj
Tony began guitar-playing and song-writing when he was 14. He also picked up other instruments such as the bass guitar, drums and percussion in an effort to expand his knowledge in song composition and song arrangement. He has played many genres of music beginning with alternative and rock to blues and dance music and particularly loves playing and writing songs in tribalic and upbeat tempo.

He is one of the founders for Da Funk Project and Da Praise Project band. He has also played as singer-songwriter in This Is Acoustics II recently. Currently, he is active in the music ministry of his church and teaches music full-time at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (Academy @ KLPac), The Acts School Of Arts, and his own students. He will be embarking on an album soon with Da Praise Project.

Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan took his first music lesson when he was the age of five until Grade 5. Later in school, he picks up clarinet and along the way, he learned up bass and drum. Recently, he also underwent vocal training under the tutelage of Mak Chi Hoe.

Daniel who is also a self taught guitarist, ventured into composing at the age of 14 and he started exposing his song through his church youth group. In 2002, he made his debut album with the group Sand and in 2004, one of his composition, Turning Around was featured in their second album entitled Dreams. Together with this group, he went around Malaysia performing in various churches.

Recently, Daniel has gotten the opportunity to be the regular performer in one of the local cafĂ©. One other of his memorable performances includes the 2005 Methodist Girls School, Penang’s “Musical Evening” which he was invited to perform alongside with the 1st Malaysian Idol finalist, Victor.

Moe is a self-taught guitarist and one of the founding members of the band, Six String Samurai. He currently plays bass for the band. Moe studied music during his years at Uplands International School of Penang where he played cello for the school orchestra. During that time, he also performed in the musical – West Side Story. He also played for the Washington Middle School Honor Orchestra.

Together with his band, he has played in various gigs including IPG Fantasy Gig, Recharge Jam and Dzap Dau Dau in Penang. As a soloist, he has also made various appearances at local events. Moe's style of music can be described as emo-rock. His songs are based on his experiences and acts as a mirror to his life and cultural environment. Occasionally, Moe also busks at Ferringhi Walk, Batu Ferringhi.

Tan Sei Hon
Sei Hon, the co-founder of Troubadours Enterprise, first spotted at one of Joe Kidd's excellent 'Unclogged' gigs. Although largely unknown to wider audiences, Sei Hon is a charismatic performer and a talented songwriter, with songs touching upon politics, religion and an illusive thing called love.

He is currently pursuing his M.A (Fine Art) in Universiti Sains Malaysia and used to be a lecturer of art history and art theory at a few local colleges. He spends most of his time painting, but performs music occasionally at indie gigs in town. A man of principle, he makes it a point never to disappoint.

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