Monday, February 23, 2009

25 random things about me

Tag neh dapat kat sebab takde idea untuk entry lagi...aku jadikan ia entry...bulehkan?? Di hujung entry ada 5 blogger bertuah yang telah ditag...

1. I'm into performing arts so much that I have taken a rest from performing.

2. Lately I found my mood to be very swing swing...

3. People always misinterpret my intention in my writings, thus sparks some emo arguments

4. Last things I wanna do is to hurt my friends feelings but if I purposely did it, then that means I dont regard you as a friend anymore. If you felt hurt, then please bear in mind, that's not my intention, just your drama queen hormon overflowing.

5. My best friends is Khairul Rizal Mohad and Ahmad Farihan Sudirman....they both know all my secret but unfortunately...they have been and still are keeping secrets from me, especially Jeeb!!! kan Fari???

6. Is in a complicated relationship....very...very...complicated even my two best-friend tuh pun susah nak paham.

7. I'm on a put on weight diet

8. I was leaving and working in Redang for 1 and half years

9. Before that I was working in Penang for 4 years

10. Of that 4 years, 3 years with a family own, run by me, bookshop which is slowing down now due to inproper planning and execution.

11. 1 year I was attached with The Actors Studio, been paid RM800 a month and make to do everything as I was the only staff there. I hate it there.

12. I enjoyed the time spent in Penang with friends until one by one of them got married or got into partnership (If you know what i mean)

13. I was once a steward koyak tiket at GSC. Ticket please...thank you..enjoy your movie...

14. In Penang, with a friend..we set-up an Event Company that do theater production, company events, MC, wedding reception...apa lagi eh, tak ingat dah...after gotten a RM11K for the company, i blah

15. Did I mention I love performing arts? he he I directed, writes, acted, dance, make-up people, do technical work (bertukang segala uols) and always the producer...but never once I sang...

16. Wish that one day...I'll have my own theater company

17. Now I realise, jauh lagi nak sampai 25....saper yang cipta menatang alah neh patut di sula

18. I dont go for brands, asal cantik, seswai...aku beli

19. I still couldnt believe that I spent 2 years in a boarding school in MUAR!!! (google to know the location ~ matila Nazrey sentap)

20. Back in Uni, I was the President of Kelab Kembara, Kolej Kelima, UPM. Geng Jahat neh kelab ni, asik kuar masuk hutan, naik turun gunung, berakit, berkayak segala....

21. A year before that, I was the Pengerusi 1, Biro Kebudayaan dan Kesenian...bley!!! But I know I did an impact...big one!!

22. Currently trying hard to score a full 5 waktu sehari semalam dengan penuh khusyuk

23. Aku sangat hook-up dengan FB ini

24. I'm planning for a Master well as a Doctorate in Fine Arts or PR

25. Marriage has come across my mind few times, but I have some obligation that I believe my future wife would want me to finish it up first before we got married....thus, I havent look for that one wife as yet...alah...stop asking jelah!!!!

bersedia untuk ditag....

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en_me said...

very interesting about yourself..

kamar hati said...

alahai....dah kena tag lg la plak...udah la tag yg ada pun berderet2 lg menunggu giliran tuk publish....huhuhuuh.....
takpa2, nanti cek jawap nooo...... :)

*apasal entry sebelum ni susah benor cek nak tinggai komen.....arghhhhhhhhh...

Mak Su said...

art ni kurus banget ker? maksu ni plaks nak kurangkan berat badan.


rena said...

kalau niat kita ikhlas, insyallah dipermudahkan... (komen utk no 22.... and also utk no 25 *wink)

Pegawai Khalwat said...

Makan dalam....

jinggo said...

hang tak terasa nak mai duduk penang balik ka....??

azrullokman said...

#24: good luck bro...nanti kalo dh abes master n phd, boley la panggil Dr. nice!!!

artisticklytouch said...

en_me ittew:
I am interesting ha ha *pitam wahdi baca

sebab hang susah no nak tinggai komenlah aku tag hang

nak kata kurus banget takde ar...just nice BMI



tak mau!!

uiks, sejak bila ada blog neh? I'm waiting for the moment to

axim said...

penang best...hehe

artisticklytouch said...

hang duk seberang memanglah best, cuba duk Penang tgk....

Bunga Rampai said...

No. 24 - realisasikan impian itu! Doa saya mengiringi. Semoga berjaya.

Salam :)

日月神教-任我行 said...